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The primary goal of real estate and rental law is to legally protect the rights of individuals who have entered into a rental agreement against any disputes or problems that may arise between the parties. A lease agreement is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant in which the use of a specific property, as well as its use and utilization, is left to the lessee in exchange for the lessee agreeing to pay the rent. Between the landlord and the tenant, the lease agreement serves as a promissory note. Such agreements can be made for a defined or indefinite period of time. The legal definition of rent includes not only the roofed workplace rent, but also all other types of rental relationships.

Gayrimenkul & Kira Hukuku

It should be noted that rental contracts, due to the special provisions they contain, may result in binding results for the parties. For this reason, leaving gaps in the determination and regulation of the content or conditions of the contract, incomplete or incorrect content, or writing unfavourable provisions may result in irreparable results. With our long-experienced and successful lawyers on this subject, which is comprehensively regulated in the Turkish Code of Obligations, we sincerely believe to assist our client.

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