Labour And Social Security Law

Labour and social security law is a branch of law that explains how the mutual rights of employees and employers can be used legally. It is a comprehensive issue that includes the entire process of the employer’s dismissal and termination, from the dismissal of the employee to the retirement process. It aims to provide legal protection for the problems that people may encounter in their working life. The history of labour relations and working conditions based on them is as old as human history. Today, as employee and employer relations develop and change, it has become an area of increasing importance day by day. An employment relationship established with the rules of labour law must be based on an employment contract. It is of great importance to receive legal consultancy services so that people can know and manage their rights and freedoms.

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Labour and social security law is a very broad subject. This branch of law, which includes the solutions to the problems that have occurred or may occur in detail, is of great importance for people.

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