Penal / Crımınal Law

From the past to the present, the principles of law that maintain the order and equality of life have evolved in tandem with the development of civilization. People are social beings, thus we need legal norms to keep things in order. Criminal law, like other legal norms, protects people’s rights and freedoms, public order and security, the rule of law, and the environment from problems that may occur. In a nutshell, it’s to keep society safe and avoid crime.

Criminal law, which studies the concepts of crime and punishment, is divided into two categories: general criminal law and special criminal law. General Criminal Law in general; The general principles regulating the law, the concept of crime with its material and moral elements, the definition of punishment and crime, and the reasons that eliminate or reduce the punishment and crime, constitute all concepts and principles that are valid for crimes such as association, participation, and attempt. Private Criminal Law, on the other hand, is the penalties and other measures seen in the law for acts and behaviors that are crimes under the penal law, the classification of these behaviors among themselves, the reasons for being a crime, and the scope and limits of each other.

Ceza Hukuku

There are three elements of the crime as a situation of injustice.

  • Material Element
  • Moral Element
  • Unlawful Element
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