Taxation Law

Tax law, which is included in public law, is a sub-branch that examines issues such as the financial and public revenues of the state from a legal perspective. When we want to express the income aspect of financial law, tax law has emerged. It covers all public revenues that the state receives through public authority.

The main subjects of tax law;

  • Tax Criminal Law
  • Tax Enforcement Law
  • Tax Jurisdiction Law
  • International Tax Law
  • Tax Procedural Law
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One of the most fundamental sources of tax law is the constitution. In order to meet public needs for individuals, participating in its financing through taxes in line with the principles is both an obligation and a duty. Taxes collected to cover public expenditures are unrequited. In this direction, many problems such as disputes or irregularities that may arise in the tax payment obligation are resolved by legal means. We offer our clients a professional support in defending their rights against the problems that may arise in this regard.

You must begin with a trustable and experienced team to avoid problems later in tax law, which is broad and comprehensive. A minor error can lead to major issues.

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