Law Of Contracts

With the increase and development of national and international trade, the importance of contracts has started to increase. With the decrease in trust between people and the increase in problems, written contracts have gained great importance in societies. It is called a contract when at least two people make a mutual and appropriate declaration of will between them. As a rule, there is at least one creditor and at least one debtor in contracts. Of course, these numbers could be higher. Even if the contracting parties have the right to arrange the contract as they wish, no arrangement can be made against the mandatory provisions of the law.

İdare Hukuku

Laws are needed for people to protect their own rights and freedoms. Thanks to the law of contracts, it enables individuals to defend their rights against the problems that may arise in this field. Subjects such as termination, the invalidity of contracts, non-fulfilment of contract conditions, and rights that may be claimed from the other party are within the scope of this field.

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