International Banking And Finance Law

Banks are an indispensable part of the financial world, and therefore it is of great importance that banks be organized. Due to the challenges that may arise in our developing society, the topic of banking and finance, which is of considerable importance both nationally and internationally, is protected by laws. International banking is described as a bank’s operations outside its home country. This circumstance can be shown by a bank’s partnership with or acquisition of a bank in another country. 

International banking and finance, on the other hand, is the study of international financial events or participation in bank operations. The most important factor of international banking is that it is carried out safely and effectively for both parties. There is an important linear proportion between the development of international banking and international trade and investment.

Uluslararası Bankacılık ve Finans Hukuku

In this period, when the concept of the national bank gradually lost its influence and the importance of international banking increased, the need for legal regulation and consultancy began to increase. Working with qualified and knowledgeable lawyers is required in this subject, which has a broad scope.

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