International Commercıal Law

International commercial law is the set of rules that govern the sale of goods and services, as well as international commercial contracts between companies or merchants in different countries. Because of the diversity of jurisdiction in this area, it is subject to both international and national law. It is not surprising that this field is increasing in value as a result of developing social and commercial relations between countries. All legal rules used in international trade law are aimed at making the system more efficient, fair, and equitable.

Legal consultancy is provided in a wide scope such as international commercial disputes, litigation, and arbitration processes in the establishment and operation activities of foreign clients in Turkey or of Turkish clients abroad.

Uluslararası Ticari Hukuk
Due to the comprehensive and variable nature of international commercial law, we aim to support you with our expert lawyers in the fields of regulation, supervision, and jurisdiction, regarding the damages, indemnity, or criminal risks that may occur to our clients.

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