Fidic Agreements And Arbitration Disputes Arising From Fidic Agreements

The FIDIC contract is the most extensively utilized standard international construction contract in the world today. FIDIC was founded in 1903 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and stands for “International Federation of Consulting Engineers”. This federation can only have one organization from each country as a member, and there are now 102 member unions. Its goal is to make it easier for the construction sector to respond to evolving and changing needs on a global scale. The primary goal of FIDIC contracts is to avoid disagreements by utilizing a multinational structure in any agreements that may arise. Both large and small construction projects frequently use the typical FIDIC project.

Under FIDIC, individuals may not always prefer national courts or arbitration. Arbitration or national courts may have advantages or disadvantages in contracts involving multinational parties. Based on the international dispute resolution methods, FIDIC has created four solutions in accordance with the FIDIC structure.

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Dispute resolution methods in FIDIC contracts;

  • The Engineer’s Determination
  • Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) 
  • Arbitration
  • Amicable Settlement
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