Application for Permanent Residence Permit

Foreign nationals who do not hold Turkish citizenship and are citizens of another country but wish to live in Turkey must apply for a residence permit. Foreign nationals who wish to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days can apply for one of six different residence permits. However, these types of residence can be extended up to 4 times. People who desire to stay longer must apply for a permanent residence permit. Permanent residency permits are awarded by governorships, with Ministry approval, to those who have held a residence permit in Turkey for at least eight years without interruption or who meet the standards set by the Immigration Policy Board. The conditions that the applicant must meet in order to obtain a long-term residence permit are in Article 43 of the Foreigners Law.

Required conditions for a permanent residence permit application;

  • Having lived in Turkey for at least eight years with an uninterrupted residence permit (half the duration of the Student Residence Permit is calculated.)
  • Not having received any social assistance in the last three years
  • Having a regular income sufficient to provide for himself and the family he lives with
  • Not to pose a risk in terms of public order, public health, or public order (except those that the Immigration Policy Board exempt)
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