Administration Law

Administrative law is the part of the law that deals with the structure, functioning, and organization of public institutions and organizations, as well as the investigation and regulation of these relationships, as defined by the Constitution. Within the scope of this field, it will assist in the development of regulations that are carried out by the regulatory administration and are directly tied to real and legal persons in regard to the illicit transmission of said transactions. Cases and requests should be sent to state authorities to eliminate inconsistencies. All kinds of administrative law services are provided by our law firm.

İdare Hukuku

Private and legal persons (private companies, associations, and foundations) are not examined within the scope of administrative law. In this field, the most significant concern is to provide public benefit. Administrative law, which is a new branch of law, is divided into sub-branches. These sub-branches cover various fields and aim to operate in accordance with the law. Sub-branches of administrative law: zoning, tender, regulation, administrative contracts, statute law, administrative sanctions, and administrative proceedings. There are three types of cases regarding administrative jurisdiction. These are cases consisting of full remedy action, annulment action, and administrative contracts. In circumstances when legal advice is required, we strive to provide a high-quality service to our clients by assembling a qualified and trustworthy team.

All kinds of administrative law services are provided by our law firm.

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