International Transport Law

The laws established for problems that may arise in indirect or transit transportation from one country to another by water, land, or air are covered by international transport law. Differences in the legal rules of the states cause problems in national transport.

The international transport legislation can be divided into two categories: goods transport and passenger transport. Changing and developing legal methods with the globalizing world give results for the benefit of individuals and states. With our skilled team, we provide a comprehensive range of services in all areas, including cross-border product dealing and customs issues.

Uluslararası Taşıma Hukuku

The methods frequently used in international transport law;

  • Montreal’s contract in air transport,
  • COTIF contract in railway transportation,
  • CMR contract in road transport,
  • UN convention on maritime transport

Despite the fact that there are no universally applicable written standards for the transportation of products, the United Nations and other regional organizations have developed some binding rules for their members.

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