Corporate Law

Corporate law deals with the establishment, merger, separation, and transfer of commercial companies, as well as the regulation and inspection of legal relationships with companies. In a nutshell, it investigates the legal relationships between trading companies. The Turkish Commercial Code has brought many innovations that will open Turkey’s door to foreign direct investments. We provide you the opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities and provide extensive assistance on the subject thanks to our team of experts in this field.

Şirketler Hukuku

Corporate law covers a wide range of topics, including checks, bonds, and policies, which are the most negotiable instruments. All types of conflicts involving negotiable instruments essential for the conduct of profit-oriented commercial activity are investigated. In this area, support is provided in all matters such as the use, arrangement, and withdrawal of such documents.

The most essential benefit of company law is that it lays out the regulations that must be followed in order for a company to be formed and then continue operating in the economy.

As Baytan Law Office, we offer a wide range of consultancy services, from the creation of company incorporation agreements to the enforcement of creditors, for your needs within company law.

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