Anti-Damping And Customs Law


The practice of exporters selling their products at lower prices than the domestic market is accepted as “unfair competition” in international trade. The main purpose of applying the anti-dumping tax is; It aims to protect the domestic production sector from unfair competition due to the dumping of imported goods. The meaning of the word dumping is to lower the price, to sell the product below the market price. The application against this situation is known as anti-dumping. It provides for the prevention or compensation of dumping in the event of damage or threats of damage.

Anti Damping
Our office provides services on a wide range of issues, including anti-dumping investigations, subsidies and compensatory tax investigations, and protection investigations, primarily against unfair practices in international trade.


Customs is in charge of inspecting products as they enter and leave the country. Customs law is a sort of law that was created in order to effectively audit this issue. As societies continue to live individually but as a whole, and their contacts with one another develop, the significance of this field has gradually grown. Customs law provides a solution to customs-related concerns that may occur in economic relationships. Customs disputes are conflicts involving administrative authority, particularly those related to customs and smuggling legislation, and requiring extensive legal skill to resolve.

Gümrük Hukuku
The fact that customs laws are very dispersed and diverse causes disputes to occur frequently in import and export transactions. Taxpayers’ rights are protected when disputes are resolved quickly and correctly. Our ultimate goal is to protect our taxed client’s legal rights to the greatest extent possible.

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