Transition Applications and Follow-Up of Turkish Citizenship

Foreigners law is a set of legislation that governs foreigners’ opportunity to live in the Republic of Turkey and is based on the freedom and restriction framework. Certain prerequisites must be met in order to apply for citizenship in Turkey. Citizenship in the Republic of Turkey can be obtained either by birth or by applying for citizenship subsequently. One of the most widely used procedures is naturalization by marriage.

For foreigners to get Turkish citizenship,

  • To be of legal age and discriminating power according to their own national law or, if stateless, according to Turkish laws,
  • Having resided in Turkey for five years without interruption from the date of application,
  • Demonstrate by their behaviour that they have decided to settle in Turkey,
  • The absence of any diseases that pose a danger to general health,
  • Having good morals
  • Being able to speak Turkish enough,
  • Having an income or profession to provide for themselves and their dependents in Turkey,
  • They should not be in a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.
Uluslararası Sözleşmeler Hukuku

Foreigners can apply to become Turkish citizens through the Provincial Population and Citizenship Directorates. All documentation required for naturalization proceedings must be submitted to the application site when applying to these agencies. The application procedure will begin after the paperwork is completed, and there will be a waiting period for approval. Depending on the form of Turkish citizenship transition, different documents are required. 

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