Tax Department

  • Born in 1969 in Ankara, graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, International Relations.
  • He worked in various banks as an inspector and manager.
  • He was employed in the auditing industry
  • He has 28 years of accounting and finance experience.
  • He is an auditing expert and also fluent in English.
Gülseren Meral DALKILIC
  • Born in Ankara in 1974, she received his bachelor’s degree from Gazi University’s Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and her master’s degree in accounting and auditing from Okan University.
  • For 15 years, she worked as an Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor.
  • Has the title of Certified Public Accountant
  • Her specialty is Tax Legislation and Applications.
  • Born in Ankara in 1980, he graduated from the Department of Business Administration at Afyon Kocatepe University.
  • He worked as an accounting officer and auditor in a number of private-sector companies.
  • He has the title of Independent Accountant, Financial Advisor, and Independent Auditor.
  • He specializes in accounting procedures and legal ledger records.